Birmingham Clock Repair Bringing Back the 60's

All Clocks Repaired, 40 Years of service, Free Pick up and Delivery Service for Grandfather Clocks


Birmingham MI -- Fred Bartholomew is bringing back the 60’s offering free pick up and delivery clock repair service. Karen Maupin co-founder of National Real Estate Network said "Fred is great; He always is always going out of his way to make a difference for people. Fred has smile on his face, gives value plus service.”

Fred has been in expert clock repair business since the early 1970’s.  Mr. Bartholomew has a wealth of experience repairing and restoring all types of clocks, including antiques and modern.  “I’ve seen him working on some amazingly beautiful French clocks, which he handled with expert care,” said Maupin.  “When it comes to the larger clocks, such as the big grandfather clock, he has the knowledge to properly handle the extremely heavy weights and movements that are inherent with this style. Fred also handles the most intricate and delicate parts of the movements that an Atmos clock requires.”  

Mr. Fred Bartholomew’s goal is “customer satisfaction,” and he delivers. He gets referrals from the Howard Miller corporate office for clock set up, annual servicing, and any other specialty clock repair service. He is a professional that can handle any clock repair task from the simplest repair to the most elaborate.

Fred specializes in repairing all types of clocks, including antique, modern, cuckoo, battery, grandfather, Atmos, mantel, wall, one-day, eight-day, 30-day, and 400-day.

Unlike many large clock repair companies, Fred enjoys building healthy customer relationships as he provides free pick-up and delivery for grandfather clocks.  Fred would rather fix the clock in the customers’ home when possible to provide peace of mind that their treasured antiques and precious family heirlooms will not be damaged during transportation.


About All Clocks Repaired:  Fred Bartholomew began his formal clock repair training in 1971 at the Seth Thomas repair center in Dallas, Texas.  He became a craftsman for the company that began in 1917.  Fred has also worked as an associate of Raymond Weil who is considered to be one of the foremost clock and watch repair men in the world.  From pocket watches and antique time pieces to grandfather clocks, all clock repair service is handled professionally with close attention to detail to keep time moving forward, accurately and precisely. 

All Clocks Repaired
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